C2B5SiO9 ( OH ) 5

Habitat: Brazil , USA
Color: White with black fragments (used for turquois imitation when coloring wuth turquoise color)
Basic information: Crystallises in the monoclinic system. It belongs to the borosilicate. The crystals are very rare.
Moh’s scale hardness 3.5. It is opaque and has subvitreous luster. Has uneven to conchoidal fracture and white streak.
Other information: In 1868 was described by a Canadian chemist Henry  How and it was named by him. Although soft, processed into pellets and used for decorative purposes as jewelry .
Interesting facts: Howlite is porous mineral and it is mostly used for imitation of significantly more expensive minerals, most of turquoise and sometimes lapis lazuli.
The alternative ( no scientific evidence ) : It is believed that howlite reduces excessive criticism, selfishness, rudeness, and encourages tact towards other people. If used as an elixir has a diuretic effect, stimulates metabolism and excretes waste products from the body. It has good effect on bones, teeth and nails .

Horoscope: Libra

Chakra: scalp

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