(Lat. Crocodilus <grč.κροκόδεıλος: Lizard) (Crocodilia), the order of large aquatic reptiles short legs with highly developed feet; on front five free toes and on the rear four, connected by webbing. Part laterally flattened tail serves them for rowing. Nasal cavity and ears can be sealed. Crocodiles can breathe immersed in water with mouth open, because with the help of skin-folds of muscle at the end of the palate they can completely shut down the back of the oral cavity. On the eyes they have three eyelids: upper, lower and Sandpiper. The body armor protects them, which is build from hard bony plates coated with strong thick skin. The peculiarity of their skeletons are abdominal ribs, which are not connected with the spine, abdominal and bone (parasternum). The brain is structurally similar to the birds, and to some extent the stomach. The heart is divided in two ventricles and two atria.In the cloaca they have two large glands, whoes recrement, especially in the mating season, smells like musk. They live in hot regions, the most in the quiet rivers and wetlands, rarely along the coast. While dry seasons they often spend time in the summer dream. They are very companionable. Crocodiles are large predators, but they can starve for months if there is no food. The female lays eggs in the sand along the shore and keeps them until they hatch hatchlings, which will go directly into the water. Some of them reproduce already in the sixth year, and live more than 100 years. Crocodiles are endangered by poaching that it is mainly done because of thier valuable skin.
Today’s crocodiles last remnants of an ancient group of reptiles, which is in decline, and there are a small number of species and genera. Alligatorinae (includes alligators and caimans), Crocodilinae (includes crocodiles) and Gavialinae (includes one type of gavial).


Of the 13 species of crocodiles best known is Nile crocodile (Crocodilus niloticus), widespread in much of Africa. Although there are data on the length of 10 m, they are rarely longer then 6 m. Crocodile is a deft hunter who easily captures large antelopes. He multiplies by eggs, and in nest there can be to 80 eggs. Both parents supervise nest and cubs. The estuarine crocodile or indopacifican (Crocodilus porosus) comes from east coast of India and Ceylon, unlike others, they are often leaving firth and goes deep into the ocean.

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