(Na, Ca) (Al, Si) 4O8
Habitat: Canada, Finland, Norway, Madagascar, Mexico
Color: The colors change depending on the angle of view, from blue to yellow green. That originates from the changes just beneath the surface of minerals.


Basic information: Crystallises in the triclinic system. It belongs to feldspar minerals (the largest group of minerals in the country) and in plagioclase group of tectosilicates. Located it in igneous rocks, sometimes in metamorphic.

Moh’s scale hardness is 6. It has  a feature labradorescence (iridescent) or as a result of the rejection of light from the tiny blades of less than a tenth of a micrometer.

It has a white streak and uneven to conchoidal fracture.

Other information: The exceptional beauty of the overflowing colors, green, blue, purple, gold and red. Labradorite with a high degree of a labradorescence called spectrolite and it can be found in Finland.

Processed for jewelry in cabochone and many of various decorative items are made of him.
Interests: Even the Roman historian Pliny the Elder wrote about the precious stone with properties similar to labradorite. It was discovered in the 18th century. Named after the island of Labrador in Canada, and it is often associated with many ancient magical and religious practices. Finnish labradorite was once buried in the fields as a gift to the powerful spirits of the earth. In countries in the North is said to have fallen from aurora borealis.


The alternative (no scientific evidence): It is the symbol is intuition, meditation and aura that keeps us as a shield. Stabilize our aura and protects us from negative influences and thoughts of others. Strengthens the immune system and act preventively against colds. Relieves back and bone disease. Elixir of labradorite successfully treated rheumatism, joints, lowers blood pressure and coordinate the work of hormones.

Horoscope: Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces

Chakras: sideline chakras in arms

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