K, Al, Si3O8


Habitat: Brazil, Sri Lanka, USA, Madagascar, India, Burma, Mexico, Tanzania, Alps.


Color: Pastel blue


Basic information: crystallises in the monoclinic system. It belongs to the feldspar. Adular is a variety of feldspar, hydrothermal origin.

Moh’s scale hardness is 6. Conchoidal fracture. Transparent or partially transparent.

It has white streak and vitreous or pearly shine. Moonstone has specific shine and overflow with color that is called adularescence.


Other information: It is processed to the beads, cabochon and in briliant cut.       At the time of Art Nouveau, this stone was very popular, and today you can see the preserved artifacts of the famous master jeweler Rene Lalique that decorated the museums and private jewerly collections.At the Art Nouveautime,  moonstone was popularized by French jeweler Rene Laliq and his contemporaries.


Interesting facts: Greeks called it selenite by the goddess of the Moon, Selene because of his slight bluish iridescent color, which experts call adularescence.

Romans believed that it had captured the moon, and Pliny says about him: “He is the image of the moon, changing from day to day.”

Arabs gifted a moonstone as  a stone of fertility.

Hindus consider it sacred stone and believed to bring good dreams, good luck and wthat it wakes up passion with your lover, and Arab women wear it stitched into the clothing because they believe it is a symbol of fertility.


The alternative (no scientific evidence): Moonstone is considered to be stone of people who are in love, and that it brings luck in love because his gentle glow encourages gentle emotions of people who wear them. It is believed to possess medicinal properties and brings sweet dreams, and if held in the mouth in the night of full moon it allows its owner to see the future. Its power is increased by a full moon, and it should be left in the open to absorb moonbeams.

Relieves pain during the pregnancy until the birth. For nursing mothers helps create breast milk if it’s places on her chest.

It is prevention of the breast and uterus tumor formation.

He is also known as the garden stone because it helps in the growth and development of vegetables.

Horoscope: Crawfish, Capricorn, Pisces

Chakra: All chakras

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