Moldavite (Tektite)


Habitat: Czech Republic


Color: green


Basic information: Massive aggregates, naturall glass rich with silica. Formed as a result of rapid melting of surface rocks on impact of large meteorites or comets. It is believed that moldavite was created  15 million years ago in the crash of a large meteorite in Bavaria at the present location Nőrdlliger Ries. Parts of molten rock flew in the stratosphere, quickly cooled and most of them felt in the Czech Republic (Bohemia) and Moravia (Moldavia). They can be found in Austria and Germany.

Moh’s scale hardness is 6-7. The wrinkled surface, translucent and has glassy shine, choncoidal to uneven fracture.

Brighter colors and more transparent moldavite is much more valuable than dark and less clear.


Other information: It is anticipated that the deposits of this exepctional mineral will be exhausted soon.

It is also used for jewelry that has a cult status.


Curiosities: Ancient statue of Venus of Willendorf had amulets made of moldavites.

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