We offer the service of processing of precious and semi-precious stones from your or our materials.

Service cutting, grinding, polishing and drilling of minerals depends on the type, thickness and hardness of minerals and the price of processing are negotiable.

Among the many services we offer, pointed to

  1. Development cabochon of precious and semi-precious stones
  2. Restore shine your jewelry of coral and other precious minerals
  3. Repairing of damage or broken minerals in your jewelry
  4. Development opals from rough materials

For cutting precious stones we possess blades of 0.2 mm

You use two cutting speeds – 900 and 1800 rpm.

For drilling we use several sizes of drill.


For all the crystals, minerals, fossils, and gemstones we guarantee that they are 100% natural.
Statement of authentic of gemstones

Our products can be ordered by online store
or through e-mail :
or you can visit us at our shop.

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Orders are sent on the next work
day by Croatian Post.

International shipments are charged according to
weight and destination.
Costs for shipments are displayed
after your choice of country.

We deliver our products worldwide.

Charge for shipment in
Croatia is 25.00 Kuna.



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