Dolphin hematite

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Dolphin hematite
1 piece
3×2,5 cm

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Habitat: USA, Canada, Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Germany
Colour: Metallic black
Basic information: Crystallises in the trigonal system. It occurs in all ways in the foundation of minerals.
Moh’s scale hardness is 6.5. Bright red to dark red streak.
The most common is rhombohedral plate habit, but sometimes there is pyramid habit.
Especially beautiful crystals are in the form of rosettes, called Iron Roses.
Interesting facts: Hematite is named after the Greek word haima meaning blood and it someplace called bloody stone. If he would be crushed and placed in water, the water would become red. It is named after that feature.
Ancient Egyptians made various amulets to cure madness and inflammation. Hematite is related to Mars, therefore the Romans wore it during battles and believed that hematite can make them invincible.
North American Indians have made color from him and colored face in red. Also, they used it as a remedy for toothache, pimples and fever.
In ancient Egypt hematite was used in magic as a protective talisman. Also, hematite was used to treat blood disorders.
He was popular with the soldiers because they believed that it protects warriors and heal their wounds.
Tibetans have placed it around neck of the people who were prone to bleeding from the nose.
The alternative (no scientific evidence): It is believed that hematite grant wishes and brings peace and happiness.
It is also believed that due to a high gloss may reject the negative energy or evil thoughts and calms, improves memory and concentration.
Otherwise known as the “lawyers’ stone” because it helps in making equitable judgment.
It balances the body, mind and spirit.
It is associated with the root chakra.
It affects the production of red blood cells so that the cells of organs adds oxygen.
Recommended for stopping bleeding and healing wounds and bones.
It should not be used when stronger infection.

It works by magnetism. Hematite bracelet quickly remove very severe pain in a patient with nerve inflammation or arthritis in the hand.

It is useful for use in gardening.

Horoscope: Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Capricorn

Chakra: Sacral


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