Smoky Quartz 1,5×1,5

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Smoky Quartz
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1,5×1,5 cm

Product Description

Smokey quartz  (variety of quartz)
Habitat: The most respected from Brazil, Madagascar, Alps, Colorado, Australia, Spain, Scotland
Color: The color is smokey grey to black (morion)


Basic information: crystallises in the trigonal system, magmatic in origin. The crystals are rich in forms.

Typically, it has prismatic habitus. It contains numerous admixtures of other minerals, liquids and gases.

Moh’s scale hardness is 7. It has indistinct cleavage and conchoidal fracture.

It can be transparent, partly translucent and opaque.

It has a white streak. On the surfaces it has glassy and at the turns oily shine. It also has triboluminescent property. Smoke color was created under the terms of the radiation degradation of various radioactive elements. It is not radioactive and is stable mineral.
Other information: The variety of quartz. It is cutted to the mixed mode, the beads and cobochone. Soluble only in very dangerous hydrofluoric acid, as well as all other quartz minerals.


Interesting facts: Extremly large speciments were found. The largest of them is found in Brazil, weighing 300 kg. It was believed that it is guard of all forms of bad luck. Therefore, it is traditionally drafted in the form of a cross, and presented on the wall above the bed in order to dispel evil.
The alternative (no scientific evidence): It helps us to get rid of financial dependence. It is useful to combat anxiety and depression.
It is used in the prevention of alcohol addiction, in infectious diseases and tumor in an early stage.

It is useful in gardening.

Horoscope: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Chakra: Sacral


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