Quartz with rutile 2,5×2 cm

kvarc rutil

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kvarc rutil kvarc rutil

30,00 kn

Quartz with rutile
1 piece
 3x2,5 cm
 7-15 g

Product Description

Quartz with rutile (variety of quartz)
SiO2 + TiO2


Habitat: Brazil, Switzerland, Austria, Argentina, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, Africa, India, Germany
Color: Colorless, smoke-colored or pink blended with rutile
Basic information: Quartz with rutile is silicon dioxide with traces of titanium. Crystallizes in the trigonal system, magmatic in origin. The crystals have rich forms.

Moh’s scale hardness is 7. It has good cleavage and it uneven to sub-conchoidal fracture. It can be transparent and partially transparent.

It has a white streak. On the surfaces has glassy and at the turns oily shine. It has triboluminescent  property. It is piezoelectric.

Needle or fibrous rutile inclusions in quartz are arranged in an irregular network.
Other information: Becasuse of very nice optical effects of embedded rutile, this mineral is treated in an interesting jewelry.
Interesting facts: The rutile in quartz is believed to be crystallized sunlight or gold that belonged to dragons. Trade name was Venus hair.
The alternative (no scientific evidence): Belive is that it is the stone of angels, because it had the spirit of an angel. Golden colors of Venus Hair (rutile) in the transparent beauty of quartz crystal, created in the spirit of harmony, beauty and comfort.

It is believed that helps with cell regeneration, slows aging and gives the body a strong life vitality, and that it helps children to cope with family crises.

The elixir of quartz with rutile is used for treatment of skin and complexion.

Virgo, Aquarius, Pisces

All chakras


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