Quartz crystal 20 g


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Quartz crystal
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Quartz crystal
Habitat: The whole world, the most respected minerals from Brazil
Color: Mostly clear, with no color.
Basic information: Crystallises in the trigonal system, magmatic in origin. The crystals are rich in forms.

Typically, prismatic habitus. It contains numerous admixtures of other minerals, liquids and gases.

Moh’s scale hardness is 7. It has indistinct cleavage and conchoidal fracture.
It can be transparent, partly translucent and opaque.

There is many varieties of quartz, depending on color.

It has a white streak. On the surfaces it has glassy and at the turnsit has oily shine. It has triboluminescent properties.
Other information: He is found as single crystals, which can be very large, as twins and crystallized in Geode.

Name quartz comes from the Greek word krustallos meaning ice. By the Middle Ages it was believed that the quartz is crystals of water ice.

Processed into pellets and briliants and decorative items.
Interesting facts: It is considered the oldest crystal that was used in rituals and healing.

For example, Indians and Aborigines have used it in the rain-making rituals.
The old Japanese believed that quartz is crystal of White dragon breath and represented the unattainable perfection.
Hindus believed to be alert to the poison.
Christians have believed to represent the fossilized ice and worked various relics out of him.
Quartz was adored Egyptians and Romans for thousands of years.
It was popular in China during the Ming Dynasty.

During the twentieth century, crystal skulls have mysteriously appeared. It is believed that Atlanteans made it and that they are ”alive” but for some of them is proven that they are not older than a hundred years.

The most famous skull “Mitchell-Hedges” is named after a girl who supposedly found it in a Mayan temple. It differs from other skulls because of the mobile jaw.

Since the quartz in nature is often full of debris, in the Middle Ages mysterious crystal balls with extreme purity were used to communicate with other worlds.


The alternative (no scientific evidence): The crystal structure of quartz contains all the elements of creation, and therefore symbolizes the totality of being and “white light of God on earth.”

It is believed that refers pain, brings the balance of the human body and opens the spirit to communicate with spirit guides and angels to the memory of past lives. If you put it under the pillow, it can facilitate communication through dreams. It turns the negative energy into positive. It is good for energy cleansing and filling of other crystals.

It is also known as the garden stone because it helps in the growth and development of vegetables.

Horoscope: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer

Chakra: All chakras


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