Bracelet pink pearls

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narukvica biser narukvica biser
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Bracelet pink pearls
8 x 5 mm
21 cm 

Product Description

CaCO3 x nH2O

Habitat: Australia, Central America, the Persian Gulf, the Indian Ocean, China, Japan
Color: White, black, pink, green, blue, silver, gold. It depends on the type of shellfish, water temperature and the environment in which he lives.
Basic information: Crystallizes in the orthorhombic system, the organic substance and is formed inside the shell.

It has a crystalline structure as well as outside of the shell, consisting of 80-90% calcium carbonate and calcite, and a smaller part of the water. The crystals grow in the form of plates, arranged in layers and joined together with a mixture of proteins. This gives them a high degree of rigidity and impact resistance. Shine is formed by refraction of light at the edges of the crystals of calcium carbonate and water molecules. M            oh’s scale hardness is 3.
Other information: Pearals are changing organic composition when drying which leads to “aging”. They’re very sensitive.

Grown artificially in salt and fresh water seas, rivers and lakes. The carefully worked out process allows the collection of more pearls from one shell. They were often called biwa pearls to the lake in Japan where they are first created, but today it is the name reserved only for pearls from specified lake.
Round to oval and shape of rice are most common, but may be of various shapes.

Round limnestic pearl resembles to Akoya pearl, but it’s worth a fifth of its price. Therefore, it is an excellent gift if you want to go cheaper. Compared with Akoya, it is smaller and asymmetrical but these slight differences make a great deal on the price.
Interesting facts: From the oldest times, the pearl is surrounded by legends that say it is the luckiest of all gems. In ancient Greece the word pearl indicating a “perfectly clean”, and in ancient Rome, charm and enjoyment.

The most famous legend of aphrodisiac power of pearls says that the Egyptian queen Cleopatra reached for the mysterious power of pearls. According to the legend, Cleopatra’s melted (powder) pearls in wine in order to seduce Mark Antony.

Legends and image in India showed the pearls as magical talismans. The sages sought enlightenment with the help of “pearls – talisman”, which is kept as an amulet on the palm of the hand.
One picture shows the Indian princess to draft a necklace of pearls harvested from the bamboo plants that supposedly grows where gods walk.

On the pictures of warriors moving in a battle we can see shields bordered with pearls, to protect them from accidents.

Pearls have also been known as love jewelry in India and Persia. The old Persians crushed pink pearls, gold dust and amber preparing fragrant pills that are used to enhance sexual prowess.
Even today, pearls are attributed with aphrodisiac properties. It also brings love and happiness to the ones who wear them.


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