Fluorite necklace

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Necklace fluorite
7 mm
40 cm + 3-7 clasp

Product Description


Habitat: USA, England, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Norway, Switzerland, Peru, Mexico, China
Color: Yellow, red, blue, green, purple, green, black
Basic information: Crystallizes in the cubic system. It is common mineral in deposits of hydrothermal origin.
His crystal habit is a geological thermometer, because at lower temperatures it is resulting decahedral crystal habitus, and at higher octahedral.
Moh’s scale hardness is 4. and it is one of the Mohs scale of hardness minerals.
It may contain other elements (manganese, aluminum, sodium, iron). It is insoluble in water. It belongs to the fluoride.

If it is chemical clear it is transparent and colorless, and the color comes from impurities.
It has a white streak, vitreous luster and high cleavage.
It is characterized by thermoluminescencce, phosphorescence and fluorescence.
Other information: The name comes from the Latin word fleuer meaning to flow.

It is the most widespread flourine mineral, it is in hydrothermal veins, where is combined with sulphides.
It can be found in sediments and hot springs.
Used in the production of ceramics, optical glasses and when melting iron.
The most beautiful specimens are used in the production of jewelry and decorative items.
Because of the low hardness is very sensitive to daily wear and tear, that is why it is coated with a protective layer of quartz crystal.
Interesting facts: It was believed that fluorite has mystical powers that are associated with the higher planes, that enhancer, especially in its natural form and contain healing light and channeled wisdom of advanced teachers who live in the higher spheres.


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