Mokaite jasper

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Product Description

Jasper (variety of quartz)
Habitat: France, India, Egypt, USA, Africa, Venezuela
Color: Red, yellow, green, brown, blue, black freckles and so on.
Basic information: Crystallises in the trigonal system.

Moh’s scale hardness is 7. Cryptocrystalline variety of quartz, jasper is one of the chalcedony. It is opaque.

Good cleavage and it has uneven to conchoidal fracture. On the surfaces it has glassy and on the turns oily shine. It has a white streak.
Other information: It belongs to the group of chalcedony. According to various colors obtained by the chromophoric inclusion of iron oxide or hydroxide, and has a variety of names:

Red (the color comes from hematite)






Leopard ….

Is porous and absorbs the liquids well. It is suitable for dyeing in order to enhance its appearance.
Accept jewelry making, it is grinded into reliefs, various decorative and art objects, cups, vases ..
Interesting facts and alternative (no scientific evidence):

The largest specimen found is green jasper was weighing 20 tons (Siberia).

Red jasper is a stone of warriors. According to teutonic legend, red jasper was inserted into Zigfilds magical sword in order to give him strength.

Traditionally, red jasper was one of the most popular crystals for making seals and amulets, because he was steady and very easily engraved. Mark Antony had a ring – seal with which, according to the romantic legend he stamped letters sent to Cleopatra.

Ancient Egyptians used the red jasper as a protective amulet. Jasper in any color, especially red or orange indicates that you can solve any problem, and not to be aggressive in this. He was also a symbol of wemen and fertility. The ancients used the jasper when invoking rain.

Yellow and earthy colored jasper are earthy colors that came in the modern world over natives as a symbol of awareness and interconnectedness with all living.

Jasper leopard is a shamanic stone associated with wisdom. Crystal is worn as a necklace to travel to another world. It is a stone of regeneration: it can help you look and feel younger and more energetic when you carry it with you.

Dalmatian jasper pures and fill Aura with energy. This stone strengthen family loyalties, reveals true and false friends. Encourages teamwork. It’s great for all who work directly with animals, especially for veterinarians, or those who work within the scope of protection of animals.

Jasper breccia gently stimulates and corrects unwanted situation. Sheds light on the problem before it escalates and is good for emotional calm.

Mokaite jasper is from ancient Egypt to the present times main crystal for quality intercourse and it was kept as secret for centuries. Natural viagra that has no harmful effects. Gives a passion for new experiences.

Mokaite is the cornerstone of the Australian Aborigines whose use was spread to treatments and in magic. It protects against all kinds of negative feelings. At work, it can help you see opportunities for change or improvement of the business and helps to overcome various obstacles. Prevents the concerns about the future or past failures, redirecting us to the specific task .

It’s good to be worn at a time when the experience decline. It also protects against manipulation of others.


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