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Habitat: The whole world

Color: Black, brown, green, black

Basic information: Fine grained and massive aggregates. They originate from the space, mostly from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. They are composed of of the various mineral formations. The most common is elemental iron.

For metal meteorite is believed to be the realm of the scattered nuclei of asteroids in which there has been a differentiation (dissolution and the sinking of the metal in the core). They may contain other elements than just iron and different amounts of nickel.

Opaque, metallic and seldom vitreous luster, uneven fracture.


Interesting facts: The largest meteorite in the world is called Hoba and is located in Otjozondjupa region in Namibia.

It weighs 60 tons, has a meter wide and a cubic volume of nine meters. It was discovered by Jacobus Hermanus in 1920 on his farm. Its weight is initially totaled 66 tons but due to erosion, scientific sampling and vandalism estimated at today’s 60 tonnes. Not only is the Hoba largest known meteorite on Earth, it is also the largest natural piece of iron at the Earth’s surface. Its composition is 82.4% iron, 16.4% nickel, 0.76% cobalt, 0.04% phosphorus, and containing traces of copper, zinc, carbon, sulfur, chromium, gallium, germanium, and iridium. Scientifically classified as ataxia (16 – 30% Ni).

It is the great secret how this meteorite didn’t create a crater in the crash. It is supposed that the meteorite entered the Earth’s atmosphere at a very low trajectory during the ice age leaping like rocks on the water (a popular squib).


Hrašćanski meteorite is a iron meteorite that fell on place Hrašćina in Croatian Zagorje, on 26 May 1751.

On that two meteorite felt on the field in the village of Domovac, weighing 39.76 kg and 8.96 kg. Bigger is now kept in the Natural History Museum in Vienna. Replica in the Natural History Museum in Zagreb.

It was the first ever documented drop, followed by the record, a procession of academics in the study and a series of discoveries that have changed the astronomical science.

The drop, which has witnessed by a large number of people, undoubtedly proved that “stones could fall from the sky”, although, truth be told these forty kilos of space material and was not stone but intertwined structure of large crystals of pure iron and nickel, then called “Agramit “in honor of the city of Zagreb.

After this fall, museums, kings collectors and Vatican started collecting “space rocks”, meteorites, and therefore this meteorite drop is of great importance for science.


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