Elephant malachite

Slonići od malahita na prodaju

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Slonići od malahita na prodaju Slonići od malahita na prodaju
Slonići od minerala malahitaSlonići od minerala malahitaSlonići od malahita na prodajuSlonići od malahita na prodaju


Elephant malachite
1 piece

4×2 cm

Product Description

Cu2 (OH) 2CO3


Habitat: Ural, Chile, Arizona, Central Africa, Australia


Color: bright or dark green, emerald green or mauve


Basic information: crystallises in the monoclinic system. The crystals are very rare and then have a needle habit. Most often found as botryoidal or stalactitic crystal habit. It is also found as coating on other minerals.

It occurs in copper deposits, which are in contact with carbonate rocks. It can occur by precipitation from water containing copper sulphide.

Moh’s scale hardness is 4.It has oerfect cleavage,and subconchoidal to uneven  fracture. It is mostly opaque. It has light green streak and vitreous or silky luster.


Other information: The green patina on copper tin roofs,is the coating formed by carbonization of malachite copper. Appreciated the decorative stone.

It is very nice, but soft and delicate mineral. It must be cleaned only with distilled water because it can be damaged by drinking water. In addition to jewelry that is processed in cabochon, gems and beads, it is also used for making ornaments.


Interesting facts: In the Winter Palace in Leningrad walls are coated by malachite. Long time ago,it was used for making  green painting color. The iconostasis of St. Isaac in St. Petersburg holds ten pillars of malachite, and the interior is lined with plates of this mineral.

The Egyptians used it for makeup and painters have used his powder as green color for centuries. The ancient Greeks believed that keeps children away from the evil eye, and in the Middle Ages it was a protection against evil. But Christians  proclaimed it as a Devil’s stone.


The alternative (no scientific evidence): In an emergency, it is believed that malachite will crumble as the sign of warning. They call it commercial stone that has a positive effect on business relations and increasing wealth. In this regard, it is believed that small pieces placed in the corners of the business rooms or in csh desk will attract customers.

Since ancient times it symbolized the female erotic qualities – especially the attractiveness and sexiness.

Malachite neutralizes emotional problems and gives to the soul peace and harmony.

Located on the heart chakra it brings positively affects on the heart. Strengthens the immune system, pancreas and spleen function. It’s not permitted to drink malachite elixir, but to use it only on the surface.

Horoscope: Scorpio, Capricorn

Chakra: Heart


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