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Emerald (beryl group)
Al2Be3 (Si6O18)


Habitat: Brazil, South Africa, India, Russia, USA, Egypt, Australia, Norway, Pakistan, Zimbabwe and the best comes from Colombia

Color: Green, from admixtures of chromium and vanadium

Basic informations: It crystallizes in the hexagonal system, usually prismatic or massive habit. Mostly formed magmatic. A secondary finding of rounded crystals are in deposits.
Regularly contains various impurities as iron, manganese, chromium, vanadium … It belongs to the silicates.
Moh’s scale hardness is 7.5-8. It has a white streak and vitreous luster, and a very marked luminescence. It has conchoidal fracture. It’s transparent or partially transparent.

Other informations:Emerald is the most valuable mineral from the group of beryl. Perfect examples of typical dark green color are very rare. In the group of beryl are minerals that vary in color:

Aquamarine – light blue, blue-green

Emerald – green

Morganite – pink

Heliodor – yellow, pale green light. Uranium in the crystal lattice gives him a yellow color, and yellowish-green color comes from iron.

Ever since Cleopatra emeralds are used for making the most valuable jewelry. Processes in briliant, step, cabochon and mixed.

Interesting facts: The name emerald comes from the Greek word  smaragdos, meaning ”green stone”. The beauty of this stone was appreciated by Egyptian pharaohs as “Cleopatra’s stone”, and is considered sacred in the time of the Incas. In Indian scriptures indicate that emerald brings happiness and prosperity.

1,759 carat Guinness emerald was found in a mine Coscuez in Colombia, and it is one of the largest emerald crystal in the world. It is now in the collection of the Banco Nazionale de la Republica in Bogot Columbia.

The Chalk Esmerald is placed among the finest Colombian emeralds. According to legend,  the Chalk Esmerald was once a central part of the Maharajah emerald diamond necklace , in former Indian state of Baroda. The original weight was 38.40 carat, but was re-cutted and placed in the ring, which was surrounded by 60 small diamonds (a total of 15 carats).


The alternative (no scientific evidence): The emerald is known as the jewel of immortality, youth and spring, brings good luck and wins temptation, and its crystal blue colors brings calm, gives hope, strengthens and deepens the feelings of passion. They say that changes color if the spouse is unfaithful.

It is believed that it is the stone of inspiration and endless patience. Provides physical, emotional and mental balance.


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