KNa2 (Fe, Mn, Al) 2Li3Si12O30
Habitat: Nothern Cape Wessel mine located in South Africa

Color: Purple, reddish purple, brown, pink, comes from manganese

Basic information:  It crystallizes in the hexagonal system with prismatic crystals that are rare, it has granular to massive habit.
Sugilite is cyclosilicate mineral with very complex chemical formula.
Moh’s scale hardness is 5.5-6.5.It is opaque and has a white streak and vitreous luster.

Other informations: Sugilite was first time described by Japanese petrologist Ken-ichi Sugi, 1944, after it appeared in Japanese island Iwagi. Sugilite was found in more sites in the world, in the layers of manganese, but today it can olay be found in South Africa in a Nothern Cape Wessel mine. Because of that, sugilite achieves a very high price. Beautiful purple sugilite from South African mines are sold under the trade name lavulit.  Jewelry is made out of it, and it is cutted into balls and cabochon.

Interesting facts: It has most powerfull energy among minerals and it is used as an aid in healing and severe illnesses.
It works with advanced stages of malignant cancer. Anyhow it safely eliminates symptoms in various diseases and physical injuries.
Allegedly sugilite is the only mineral that helps in the treatment of early-staged AIDS.

The alternative (no scientific evidence): It is not personal mineral (eg, quartz), but one stone can be used by more people. Elixirs can be made out of sugilit by putting him in the water for 24 hours and the water has to be trinked several times a day. We can stick it with plaster on the sore or injured areas of the body and wear it as long as needed because it doesn’t need to be cleaned.
Sugilite elixir is useful for flushing wounds or with dermatoses in pets.
It can be constantly worn as jewelry (necklace, bracelet, pendant).

Sugilite contains so much energy and it is strong enough to last for a lifetime.
On a spiritual level sugilite is a stone of meditation.
It brings joy and optimism. It relieves emotional and mental conflicts and sorrow.
It helps drug addicts and alcoholics to find new meaning in life.
It is called the healer stone.

Uugilite can help prevent many diseased, especially stroke, cancer, epilepsy, bone diseases. It regulates blood pressure and supports cell renewal. Strengthens vision, hearing and speech. It purifies the body of toxins and harmonizes the work of glands.

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