Jadeite: NaAlSi2O6
Naphrite: Ca2 (Mg, Fe) 5Si8O22 (OH) 2

Jadeite: Burma, China, Guatemala, Japan, California
Naphrite: Burma, Siberia, China, New Zealand, Australia

Jadeite – green, white, pink, brown, red, blue, black, yellow
Naphrite – from light to dark green

Basic information: Monoclinic system, occurrence of crystals is very rare , forming granular and fibrous aggregates. Mineral is a metamorphic origin.

Jadeite’s Mohs scale hardness is 7, and nephrite 6.5.

Other information: in 1863 two types of jade were found, jadeite and nephrite. Naphrite is more valuable. It is used for jewelery, processed into balls and polished. Decorative items are especially made in China.

Interesting facts: 150 years ago the same name was used for two different minerals – Jadeite and Nephrite. Name Jade comes from the Spanish conquistadores, who called this stone piedra de Hyades (stone cross) and piedra de los riñones (kidney stone). They believed that it protects against kidney disease. It is interesting that Jade is Greek term for kidney (Nephrops = kidney).

Jade is used since ancient times in making weapons and various tools, and China is favored in making decorative objects and jewelry. The Chinese call it yu – meaning something worthwhile, symbolizes heaven, earth and man.

They believed that Jade guards the deceased, which is confirmed with many remains of jade found in the old imperial tombs. In one of graves, the whole suit made of jade was found, that was supposed to provide physical immortality for it’s owner.

In Central America, the Olmecs, Mayans and Toltecs were making ritual and death masks, and other ornaments of Nephrite.

They believed that the Jade contained five major virtues -fairness, courage, modesty, honesty and wisdom.

Unfortunately, at the time Aztecs were introduced the payment of taxes with  jade which resulted in recycling of old statues and figures.

The alternative (no scientific evidence): Jade boosts immunity, heart working and regulates blood pressure.

At the sacral and plexus chakras it improves the work of the spleen, liver and kidneys. It helps in the treatments for urinary tract.

On the third eye chakra palliate the symptoms of headache and migraine.

Horoscope: Virgo, Libra

Chakras: sacral, solar plexus, heart, third eye


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