Citrine oval 6×4 mm


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Citrine oval
1 piece
6×4 mm

Product Description

Citrine (variety of quartz)


Habitat: Brazil, Madagascar, USA, Spain

Colour: yellow, golden brown

Basic information: crystallises in the trigonal system, magmatic in origin. The crystals are rich in forms, and usually have a prismatic and pyramidal habitus.When the mechanical effects are used on it,(scraping, friction) it has the property of luminescence.

Citrine has a hardness of 7, it has none cleavage and has shelly fracture. It can be transparent, partly translucent and opaque.It has white scratch, on surfaces it has vitreous luster, and at the fracture oily shine.

Other information: Crystal is a variety of quartz. Its name is derived from the Greek word kitro meaning lemon.

It has yellow color from embedded iron.

Brazil is the largest producer of natural citrine, especially in the state of Rio Grande do Sul. It is very rare. Main imitation citrine is heated amethyst.

It is processed with brilliant cut, as tears and oval.

Interests: Once upon a time it was considered as a gift from the sun. In ancient Greece is worn against snake venom and bad thoughts. Romans were creating gems and ovals. Historically they were associated with the Israeli tribe of Naphtali. In the era of romanticism it suddenly became popular. Until the 16th century, citrine was a collective term for all yellow stones including topaz. It was called the sun stone,and it was believed that it contains pure sunlight and that it never absorbs anything negative.As Mercury’s stone, stone of messenger god, it contains pure solar morning light.

It was seen as the merchant stone and was famous for improving communication, increasing sales and attracting money and business. Citrine was placed in cash registers, wallet or it was placed with bills to maximize assets.

The alternative (no scientific evidence): It is believed that his radiation improves vocal abilities and it’s recommended for singers, actors and speakers. The strongest influence citrine has on the plexus solaris chakra. That helps calm down the discomfort and fears that eventually can turn into a severe depression. It brings peace and harmony.

Promotes good mood. Increases immunity, glanduar and kidney, helps in the treatment of diabetes because it regulates the production of insulin, strengthens the pancreas and helps with digestion problems.

Horoscope: Gemini, Virgo , Libra, Aquarius

Chakra: solar plexus



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